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Embarking on a private plane tour in a Cessna 172RG around the Samana Peninsula,

departing from Arroyo Barrill airport, promises an extraordinary adventure.

Here's a description of what you will experience:


  1. Pre-flight Excitement: As you arrive at Arroyo Barrill airport, there's a palpable sense of excitement. The smaller, more intimate setting of the airport sets the stage for a personalized and memorable journey.

  2. Warm Welcome: Your pilot, an experienced and knowledgeable guide, welcomes you and provides a pre-flight briefing, ensuring you're comfortable with the safety protocols and the planned route.


  1. Smooth Departure: The Cessna 172RG's engine roars to life as the aircraft taxis to the runway. With a gentle acceleration, you ascend into the sky, leaving the ground behind for the spectacular views that await.

IN FLIGHT: (Overview):

  1. Aerial Vistas: The landscape of the Samana Peninsula unfolds beneath you, revealing a mosaic of blue waters, lush greenery, and pristine beaches. The high-wing design of the Cessna 172RG allows for unobstructed panoramic views.

  2. Customized Flight Path: Your pilot, aware of the unique sights of the Samana Peninsula, may customize the flight path to showcase its most enchanting features. We love flying, and are happy to accomodate any sight-seeing requests (within reason).

  3. Whale-Watching: From January to the end of March, the Samana Peninsula becomes a hot spot for whale-watching. The waters around the peninsula host humpback whales during their migration. Your pilot, with keen eyes, may point out whale activity below, offering a rare and exhilarating aerial view of these majestic creatures.




Arroyo Barrill (Starting Point):

The adventure begins at the welcoming Arroyo Barrill airport, where passengers board the Cessna 172RG, anticipating the aerial exploration ahead.

Samana Town:

Heading west, the tour provides a bird's-eye view of Samana Town, a coastal gem with vibrant streets, colorful buildings, and boat marina. Often there are large cruise ships in the waters beyond Samana town, which are a sight to behold from the sky.

Cayo Levantado (Bacardi Island):

Next, the tour unveils Cayo Levantado, or Bacardi Island, known for its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and lush surroundings.

Coastal Highlights:

  • Punta Balandra: Experience the rugged beauty of Punta Balandra, where the coastline meets the Atlantic Ocean dramatically.

  • Boca Del Diablo: Encounter Boca Del Diablo, a coastal feature known for powerful waves and stunning views.

  • Playa Fronton: Fly over Playa Fronton, a secluded beach with golden sands and crystal-clear waters, embraced by lush greenery.

Rincon Bay and Las Galeras:

Turning left into Rincon Bay, the tour passes over Las Galeras, offering panoramic views of the bay and the charming coastal town.

Northward to Cabo Cabron National Park:

Heading northward, reach the tip of Cabo Cabron National Park, where breathtaking protected landscapes meet the Atlantic Ocean.

Northern Coastlines:

Continue westward, flying past the stunning coastlines of:

  • Playa El Valle

  • Playa Ermitaño

  • Playa Moron


El Limon and Las Terrenas:

Pass by El Limon, featuring a notable waterfall surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. Continue towards Las Terrenas, a vibrant beach town with a lively atmosphere and picturesque beaches.


Coson and Playa Jackson:

Continuing along the coast, pass Coson and Playa Jackson, each offering its unique charm and natural beauty.


East of El Catey International Airport:

The tour then hooks south, staying east of El Catey International Airport, ensuring a safe and uninterrupted flight with stunning coastal and inland views.


Return to Arroyo Barrill:

As the tour reaches its final leg back to Arroyo Barrill, you will return to the Samana Bay passing Sanchez and Playa Las Caritas for a direct landing into Arroyo Barrill. As the Cessna descends, passengers reflect on the diverse landscapes, coastal wonders, and the potential thrill of spotting whales during this 45-minute to one-hour adventure.


This private plane tour promises an intimate exploration of the Samana Peninsula, providing a unique and awe-inspiring perspective of its natural beauty from the sky.


Intimate Atmosphere: The small group size of three passengers, along with the pilot, fosters an intimate and immersive atmosphere throughout the journey.

  1. Whale-Watching Bonus: The added thrill of spotting whales from the sky during the designated months enhances the overall adventure, making the experience truly unique.



Inclusive Price: The $600 price tag, covering gas and the entire experience for up to three passengers, reflects a reasonable investment for a private aerial tour.

  1. Group Dynamics: The Cessna's capacity to accommodate three passengers ensures you can share this remarkable experience with friends or family, adding to the joy of the journey.

  2. Headphones included: Each passenger will be provided with mic'd headphones to enjoy the tour and communicate with each other and the pilot.

As you disembark from the Cessna 172RG, you'll carry with you the memories of a once-in-a-lifetime journey, having witnessed the beauty of the Samana Peninsula from a privileged and captivating perspective.

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